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Be Capable And Comfortable With Your Boat, We Can Help!
After you've spent all that money for your boat, you want to use is safely and securely. We can train you to be confident and proficient owners. Whether its a new boat or not, we teach you about her systems, normal annual maintenance, on board emergencies, and more. We all want to keep our families and ourselves safe no matter what conditions arise. You can be self assured when dealing with Chesapeake Marine Training. Whether you're a new boat owner needing to acquire necessary ability or you already have experience but want polish your skills, we can do that. We cover most facets of vessel training. You can pick and choose what you want to concentrate on, such as: Chesapeake Marine Surveyors, Silver Spring, Maryland - Richard L. Warren, SAMS® AMS®
  • VHF radio procedures
  • GPS navigation
  • Required equipment on board
  • Recommended equipment on board
  • Anchoring and scope
  • Common knots to secure your vessel with
  • Rules of the road
  • What to do if an engine fails
  • Use of depth finder
  • Alcohol and boating
  • Firefighting
  • Risk of collision
  • Buoyage
  • Man overboard procedures
  • Understanding Navigation charts
A little about us.

This company was derived from Chesapeake Marine Surveyors which was started in 2003. We are privately owned and run. Our Captains and I have been boating on the Bay since 1966. We received our first captain's license in 1997 and never looked back. Chesapeake Marine Training has a commitment to make boating a safe and enjoyable experience. With the affordability and popularity of boats on the bay we can't afford to have only some knowledge of boating. Taking into consideration our weather patterns, the amount of vessels on the water, especially on weekends. CMT feel's a real obligation to teach others so that all can enjoy the bounties and watersports the Chesapeake and her tributaries have to offer.

How to make this happen

Since we train you on your own boat, it just takes a phone call to us. We can then make an appointment, schedule a day, time and place. Done!.

Our Rates
$98.00 per hour, 4 hour minimum
No mileage charge under 80 miles. round trip
.55 per over 80 miles. round trip

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